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Analytics Services

What We Do – Much More Than Just a Web Designer

We develop online Marketing strategies, integrating services from SEO, SEM, YouTube, Social Networks and Web Analytics.

Considering everything on the Internet is trackable and measurable, we can help you use this data to grow your business. We help you make sense of the huge amounts of data collected and make sound allocation decisions.

How We Do This?

Tigerlytics uses algorithmic software in combination with our partners who will work with you and your team to optimize your business’ online marketing strategy.

Smart Web Design & Maintenance

Sure; we have a long history of delivering the most beautiful web designs on time and on the budget for clients both big and small. But; we are much more than a web design company; we make websites smart.Read More

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

SEM PPC campaigns (paid search) allows your company to gain visibility on keywords that matter, driving the most qualified leads to your website.


Considering how popular Youtube is, we will help create and publish “Search Friendly” content designed to boost your company’s brand and services. Youtube is an amazing platform to grow awareness about your products and services.

Business Analytics

Are you making the right decisions? Does your company understand your business data and what it means? We will assist your company in managing the emerging risks and opportunities that Read More

Facebook Analytics

The coolest thing is you can pick out the people whose demographics, habits and attitudes make them most receptive to your message and talk to them, and to no one else.Read More

Corporate Intelligence Investigation

Intelligence investigation is a necessity for companies who wish to make smart, informed decisions about acquisitions, investments, pricing, competitors, expansions, new markets, partnerships, security and more. Read More

AdWords campaign management

We specialize in Google AdWords and we have built up our expertise in the field of e-commerce. We offer advertisers their choice of two levels of collaboration: delegation or consulting.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

We apply effectively, sustainable referencing strategies that conform to Google and Bing’s quality criteria, providing crawl analyses premium content and net linking strategies.

Social Networks

We use some of the most powerful social media analytics tools on the market allowing us to answer business questions relating to consumer trends, purchase intent, product attributes, drivers of sentiment, competitors, or category-level conversations.

Web Analytics

Web analytics provides a holistic overview of your search engine optimization and advertising, social media marketing, landing page optimization and display ads, and helps you to understand waysRead More


We work with our clients to optimize conversion rates on their websites’ key pages: landing pages, forms, transaction pages, etc.


We are prepared to assist with central monitoring and reporting technology, featuring data logging plus interfaces with Analytics and with available CRM tools.