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As a San Mateo Burlingame Web Designer & SEO Consultant, we wanted to present some 2018 trendy web color combinations to get you started. https://www.awwwards.com/trendy-web-color-palettes-and-material-design-color-schemes-tools.html.

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Close up of a different color palette

Contributed by www.crazyegg.com

Is the color scheme you’ve chosen for your website triggering a desired response? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of potential website color palettes?

Everyone has favorite colors they tend to gravitate toward when it comes to their work or otherwise.

But a skilled designer understands the importance of evaluating a color scheme based on the brand, the meanings of the colors, and the products or services being promoted.

Good color choices take careful planning.

They can influence how a visitor interprets what they see as much as a site’s layout and typography — and, when done well, they can have a positive impact on each visitor’s evaluation of the brand as a whole.

Why Is Your Color Scheme So Important?
Before we jump into the process of selecting a color scheme for your site, it’s important to understand exactly why your website color scheme matters so much.

After all, you might be thinking that it’s the content that really matters. And that’s not untrue.

People love content. They’re drawn to fresh voices and enticing information, but you have to capture their attention first. That’s where website color palettes come into play.

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